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The Group > Asif Rice Mills Ltd "Grow together"

With the huge success in the field of Rice Exports, the exporting departments are becoming successful but the costs of doing business from headquarters plus time differences, language barriers, and cultural ignorance are hindering the company’s competitiveness in the foreign market, therefore ARM group had launched offices in the foreign countries.

Asif Rice Mills Ltd is one of the most prominent Company which is situated in Berkshire County (UK) with a key production and suppliers unit in Pakistan. This company started in 2013 to cater European commodity market especially Rice.

This company is managed by a Kashif Mumtaz (Managing Director/ Sales & Marketing Director) who is well qualified and experienced in the same and other professional business activities. Blended with education and Cultures learnt at various institutes in Pakistan and overseas make Mr: Kashif Mumtaz a jolly, friendly, competent and hardworking individual who strongly believe in social values, social responsibilities, strong customer relationship and vision to be gigantic entrepreneur.

The Aim is to understand the demographic & logistics of the foreign markets & to take advantage of relationships, storefronts, factories, and personnel already in place. Our first office is located in UK with the Name of ASIF RICE MILLS LTD. This project will help ARM to expand its market and introduce more products in its existing product line. Asif Rice Mills Ltd brings you genuinely authentic aromatic rice.


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