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The Founder


Mr Shah Mohammad Shaikh was born in small town of India in 1923, He got his early education from lucknow. In 1947 war when two different nations Muslims and Hindu separated, Mr. Shah Mohammad with his family migrated to small village of Pakistan named as shahdakot which was richer in agriculture.

One can assume that how difficult it would be to start life in a new land, if you have big family to support and you have nothing in your pocket. Mr Shah Mohammad Shaikh was a man with strong will and positive attitude. His high thinking always helped him to believe that no work is inferior or of less importance. To provide bread and butter to his family in a newly emerged country ( Pakistan) , Mr Shah Mohammad worked as farmer. With the personal interest in the agriculture field, in 1950 he purchased his own lands to cultivate rice. It was the hard work and determination of Mr. Shah Mohammad that in 1966 With the joint efforts of his son Mr. Mumtaz Ali Shaikh, he established first Rice Mill named as Shah Mohammad Rice Mill in small village of Shahdadkot.

Although it is great misfortune that today Mr Shah Mohammad Shaikh is no more with us but his values and principles which he gifted to his children are still alive. In fact these values are the strong pillar of MHE group of company’s success.


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