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Private Labeling

With a complete range of rice products, Asif Rice Group has the ability to meet each customer's private labeling needs. Custom packaging, products quality and great customer services make this program accessible for all type of customers.

Our premium quality rice combined with your private label is a guarantee that our customers will buy our products time and again, building our brand equity. Our facilities allow flexibility in packaging sizes and food packaging materials. ARM always committed to work on your private label food products. Together we can meet the demands of your customers and measurably build your brand equity.

Rice varieties available in Private Labels


1 kg/
12 x 1kg

2 kg/
6 x 2kg

5 kg/
8 x 5kg

10 kg/
2 x 10kg

20 kg/
1 x 20kg

25 kg/
1 x 25kg

40 kg/
1 x 40kg

















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