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The foundation of the ARM goes deep down to the roots of the agri-family who knows the best about rice cultivation & farmers, who have passed generations in Rice farming. The first Husking unit “Shah Muhammad Rice Mill” was installed in Shahdadkot, Sindh in 1962 in the name of Shah Muhammad (late) by Mr. Mumtaz Ali Shaikh, father of Asif Ali Shaikh. Shah Muhammad, the father of Mumtaz Ali Shaikh was a man who believed in utmost dignity & utter honesty and he delivered these success factors to his offspring.

Shahdadkot is the second largest paddy producer of Basmati & non Basmati in Pakistan. The idea to install a husking Unit miles away from the city is to reach the Rice fields, provide guidelines to the farmers & buy the best quality hand harvested & threshed paddy. Families in the modern age demands pure, sweet & scented Rice & purchase only the highest refined quality of nutritious Rice.

Keeping in view, we at ARM provide the best quality food grains selected & processed through Standardized procedures, nutritionally checked & tested in our laboratories & always endeavor to supply THE BEST to meet our customers’ expectations.


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