Over 50 years we have learned a lot about rice and about how to create nutritional and tasty rice that brings natural goodness in life.


Mr. Abdul Wahid Bux (Late

From 1906 to 1968
Started the farming of rice and gained expertise in rice growth and cultivation. He had insight on all aspects of rice farming and first-hand experience of hands-on cultivation.


Mr. Shah Mohammad (Late)

From 1926 to 1986
Son of Abdul Wahid Bux lead his generation in farming learning from his father’s insight and a new found ambition to establish their own quality controlled rice mill. He set the corner stone for the establishment of what we today know as Asif Rice Mills


Mr. Shah Mohammad (Late)

From 1955 to 2002
Mr. Mumtaz Ali evolved and upgraded the already founded Shah Mohammad Rice Mill into Asif Rice Mill. The installation of latest machinery of that time including rice husking machines and parboiling machines was done in his time, essential for keeping up with the times.


Mr. Mohammad Hanif

Director Procurement
Mr. Mohammad Hanif is the man behind the procurement and logistics for Asif Rice Mills. Under his watch Asif Rice Mills has evolved and steadily risen in rank

Mr. Asif Ali

Director International Affairs
Mr. Asif Ali is our International representation and power house of ARM, his experience in International dealings and client servicing grants him a firm grip upon all aspects of communications in local and abroad market.

Mr. Kashif Mumtaz

Director Sales
Mr. Kashif Mumtaz is an assertive and formidable personality who creates a comfortable and confident environment for all retail clients which serves as the backbone of Asif Rice Mills.