Made from hard plastic and fashioned into glass like jars, these box are pressured proof and high in strength.
  • Available from 500 grams, to 2.5 kg
  • HD design printable
  • Master carton box 4 color printable (mandatory)
  • Printing design optional glossy or matt
  • 3D effect to any logo or wording (optional)
  • Ultraviolet coating (optional)
  • Lid foam seal optional
  • Minimum order 1 metric ton
  • 20 metric tons can be loaded maximum to 20 ft container
  • 18 metric ton maximum can be loaded in to 20 ft container if includes wooden/plastic pallets
  • Pallet rapping or strapping (mandatory) if using pallets
  • Barcode label can be printed on pack for smooth barcode scanning
In your private labeling design, it takes 15 working days to arrange printed packaging.