Lightweight and breathable, woven polypropylene sacks are a packaging solution made from plastic polypropylene fabric. Its woven construction makes the bag strong, tear resistant and allows air to circulate within the bag whilst also being waterproof. These characteristics make it ideal for almost any application.
  • Available from 5 kg to 50 Kg
  • Normal 4 to 6 colors printable
  • Inner thin polythene bag is optional
  • Minimum order 1 M.Ton
  • Thread color option for stitching at the top
  • Single, double, or triple stitching optional
  • Barcode label stitching at side optional for smooth barcode scanning
  • 26/27 Metric tons can be loaded maximum to 20 ft container if the pack size is 25 kg or 50 kg
In your private labeling design, it takes 4 working days to arrange printed packaging